#WCW : These are the Nail Artists you Need to Know

I can be pretty formulaic in how I wear my hair and because I’m always pressed for time, I somehow end up wearing the same jeans, tee, and sneaker combination. But ever since high school when it was mandatory that your ring finger be covered in lime green polka dots while the rest of your nails were painted red, I had an intense love affair with nail art. What I thought was something for only my youthful days, nail art can and should be a staple for the modern day woman. On a small canvas, you have the ability to express your personality in fun and unique ways. When it comes to nail art, I have a “go big or go home” mentality. And these nail artists know how to get the job done!

1)  Astrowifey

Ashley Crowe, known by her persona, Astrowifey,  is a BOSS when it comes to nails. Known for well-executed hand painted designs, Ashley could probably paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling on your pinky. The next time you find yourself in the midwest (she’s located in Chicago), definitely find your way to her!

2) Chrmd by Sarah

She’s been featured in Vogue, done a slew of editorials, and is a favorite of our downtown sweetheart. Sarah Nguyen turns your nails into a intricate sculpture decorated with studs and stones. Her use of charms is an art form in itself. This Cali native is based in NYC and currently taking appointments!

3) Naomi Nails

Naomi Yasuda is the woman behind your favorite celebrities (hint, hint: Vashtie) and fashion editorials. Originally from Japan, Naomi moved to NYC in 2007 and has left her mark in the nail industry ever since. Her designs are vibrant enough to make the most fashionable statement.

4) Spifster

Her Instagram bio says “Visual Designer”, and there is really no better way to explain her work. Tacarra Sutton, better known as Spifster is a graphic artist who is skilled in art, geometry, and line form, to produce some of the dopest nail art designs hands down. Also based in Chicago, here is another great reason to make a trip out to the midwest.

5)Ami V Nails

This New York native turns all your socially conscious protests into beautiful artwork. Ami Vega is a nail artist and editorial manicurist that has made waves for ability to turn important and powerful messages into crisp and precise nail designs.


… And if you need to find a salon that appreciates nail art, but don’t know where to go, check out these NYC salons.

1) Akiko Nails

Hidden in the LES, Akiko Nails delivers custom nail art for its client using Japanese nail art technique. There is nothing they can’t do.

2) Vanity Projects

With locations in NYC and Miami, Vanity Projects is the cream of the crop. At this salon, you are in the care of the most sought after nail techs creating the most unique nail art designs.

3) Local Honey

This is a hidden gem in Bushwick that very few know about. Not only can you get cool designs at Local Honey, but their pedicures are amazing and their rose water is a perfect toner that they make themselves.


With so many options, there is no reason you’re stepping out with boring nails!

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