We Gathered 6 Vegan Wines Under $30 To Enjoy Over The Holidays

“Aren’t all wines vegan or at least vegetarian?”  Unfortunately, that is not the case, and understandably the majority of us are oblivious to this truth. “The reason that all wines are not vegan or even vegetarian-friendly has to do with how the wine is clarified and a process called ‘fining.’ “Traditionally, the most commonly used fining agents were casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein).” via thekitchn.
To our fellow vegans and vegetarians that would like to indulge in a well-deserved glass or two; take a look at the drink options we’ve gathered just in time for the holidays. These options are suitable for your lifestyles, bank accounts (and more likely to spare you of a hangover). Any gatherings you’ll be hosting and/or attending, safest bet is to just bring your own. Save yourself the trouble if people forget to be thoroughly inclusive (or are just unaware of labels like we once were) you can still have a good time, and we promise you will not taste the difference.
Keep scrolling to see some of our picks, and let us know in the comments, red or white?
Price: 14
Price: 21
Price: 24
Price: 26
Price: 29
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