What to Wear For Halloween? 12 90s Costumes that don’t Appropriate

The days of wearing offensive Native American dress and stereotypical rapper outfits and calling it “fun” are no longer. Living in a more aware society that is quick to call out any b.s., save yourself the humiliation by simply thinking about what you put on before putting it on this Halloween. Deciding to show respect for people’s culture does not mean your costume has to be boring. On the contrary, there’s so many creative outfits that you can come up with instead of relying on the same ole’ offensive starting three. Because of our deep love and gratitude for the 90s, we came up with 12 costume ideas from your favorite tv and movie characters that don’t appropriate culture.

1) Spinelli, Recess

Let your inner tough girl all the way out by dressing as Spinelli. Pair Dr. Martens with multi-colored tights, a red dress, leather jacket, and mustard beanie, and you are ready for the playground. Make sure to add the finishing touches of two loose pigtails and the meanest mug you ever displayed.

2) Reggie Rocket, Rocket Power

Reggie Rocket was the ultimate cool girl who could hang with all the boys. She had spunk and some great style. Pull out your favorite cargos or these from PluggedNYC, and pair it with a hot pink tee or any graphic tee you own, and red shades like these from Amazon. If you have the skills, go ahead and get on a skateboard too!

3) Daria Morgendorffer, Daria

If there ever was a misfit rebel who didn’t care what anyone thought, Daria would be her name. Pulling this off is not only getting the outfit correct but having the proper attitude. When you enter that Halloween party, be already over the night. Pairing a Dr. Martens, some glasses, a black tennis skirt, baby tee and a green blazer and you are ready for the night.

4) Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the ultimate badass teen superhero. For this costume it may be a little harder to pull things straight from your closet. If you already have red go-go boots lying around the house, then you’re fine. If not, this is the best option for a costume.

5)  Beavis or Butt-head, Beavis & Butt-head

Why not use your favorite concert tees to channel the most hardcore dudes of the 90s. Grab your best friend and wear a Metallica tee with your favorite basketball shorts. Don’t forget a crisp pair of white ankle socks and a nice can of beer (or rosé if you’re classy).

6) Buffy Summers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Be a boss babe for Halloween – wear all black and carry around a demon slayin’ spear.

7) Moesha, Moesha

If you never wished that you were Moesha and were dating Q, I am judging you. Own this outfit with a red suede mini skirt, plain tee, and printed blazer. To really channel Moesha, wear nude panty-hose and a mini backpack.

8) Hilary Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Pulling of a classic Hilary Banks costume? You will want to tap into a power suit. This look demands and commands attention with bold skirt suits and coordinating accessories.

9) Topanga Lawrence, Boy Meets World

Be the apple cinnamon of your Cory’s eye channeling Topanga. Blow dry your hair bone straight, tie a short sleeve blouse, wear your favorite mom jeans, and wear a simple brown watch to be this 90s sweetheart.

10) Fran Fine, The Nanny

Fran Fine was the fashion icon of the 90s that we didn’t give enough credit to. The only nanny I’ve ever known to have a closet full of mini skirts, leather, and neon. Not to mention, Fran was actually wearing the biggest designers of the time like Marc Jacobs and Moschino. To pull off a Fran Fine costume, try these boots, with black pantyhose, a checkered mini skirt, and a hot pink turtleneck. Wear this for Halloween and any day for that matter.

11) Nancy, Sarah, Bonnie, & Rochelle, The Craft

This crew were the ultimate “bad gals” of the 90s.  Transform your Catholic school uniform with proper attitude. If you want to be Nancy, pair your plaid skirt, with a tied up white blouse, red lips, and cross earrings. If you’re going for Rochelle, pair your plaid skirt with suspenders and let your flourish with a few beret clips on the side.

12) Sporty Spice, Spice Girls

Although not a 90s tv or film character, I couldn’t help but note at least one Spice Girl. The girl group as a whole represented some of the very best style of the 90s, but in our current “normcore” culture, I wanted to highlight Sporty Spice. This is for the Halloween party attendee that doesn’t feel like dressing up at all. Pair your tracksuit with a lime green tank, wear a high pony, and grab a pair of any retro basketball sneakers, these just happen to be my favorite.

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