Doin’ It Well: 8 Ways to Love Your Locks

Combing locks

Being the only girl in my family with curly hair, I went through years of hating my hair. I had uncontrollable frizzy hair; my brother once compared it to Dumbledore’s hair. It was so uncontrollable, because I didn’t understand how to take care of it. After hours spent watching youtube videos and reading just about every blog on the best ways to treat your hair, I feel compelled to call myself knowledgeable on the subject. If you asked my seventh grade self if I ever thought my hair and I would be on good terms, I’d probably laugh at you. But, I am here today to share how you can spend some TLC with your hair, and love your locks.


Ditch the towel

Ditch the towel and grab an old t-shirt to dry your hair. In the winter, your hair is already extremely dry from the lack of moisture in the air. The fibers from a bath towel attach to your hair and create unwanted frizz.

Avoid Silicone and Sulfates

Sulfates like SLS can be found in dish soap, laundry detergent, and oh yeah your shampoo. Sulfates in shampoo strip hair of its natural oils, as a result it tends to dry out. In addition silicone try to restore the oils, but only weigh it down. Try out shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate free and silicone free.


Coconut Oil

More specifically Virgin Coconut Oil. This stuff was sent down on a cloud from the heavens. It’s rich in nutrients that are not only amazing for moisturizing your hair, but are also is great for your skin. One jar will also last forever, because a little bit goes a long way. (I could honestly write a whole post about how coconut oil will change your life).

Finger Comb Your Hair

Try to use your fingers to comb out any knots while you have conditioner in your hair. If anything you can use a wide-tooth comb, but please don’t brush your hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is weak hair. Due to how vulnerable wet hair it is, brushing it only increases the chances of breakage.


Sleep on Satin

Not only will you feel like a princess, your pillow case will always be cool, and your hair will thank you. Just like the bath towel, a pillow case has pesky little fibers that catch your hair and cause frizz. By using satin pillowcases, you’ll be sure to wake up in the morning with great second day hair.

Say Good-Bye to Heat

At least for a little while. Using heat causes dry brittle hair that can easily break. If you want to style your hair try to find some heatless ways to do it, like by using socks as curlers to create effortless mermaid waves.

Avocado oil on table close-up

Deep Condition 

Once a week put on a movie try to deep condition with some DIY masks. Olive oil, avocados, and eggs are only a few natural ingredients you can mix up, and throw on your hair for more luscious locks. By using hair masks fight breakage, frizz, and can add shine back to your hair.

Get Your Greens and Drink More Water

Drinking more water and eating healthier never hurt anyone. Your hair is an outward sign of how healthy your body is. Rather than investing in products start from the inside. By improving your diet and drinking more water, your hair can look and feel healthier.


Hope these tips make both you and your locks a little happier!

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