Doin’ It Well: Going Flexitarian

How many times have you tried a new trendy diets only to relapse into your same old eating habits a few months later?

Right, more than you’d care to remember!

So, why does this happen? Well–in some cases–this is because you are restricting yourself from the things your body is dependent on, such as eating meat. This can send you into shock! In addition, sometimes when changing your diet you may be omitting too much of a specific nutrient or vitamin out of your daily intake of food that you haven’t found a way to replenish yet. Everyone’s body is different and going cold turkey on meat—no pun intended—could be too much for someone to handle, especially if you’ve eaten meat all of your life.

Well, what if I told you there’s a way to work towards your pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle without the sucky withdrawals and setbacks? That’s right, listen carefully, and allow me to tell you about being a flexitarian.

The flexitarian diet, also known as semi-vegetarianism, is a diet that you simply incorporate more plant based meals into your daily intake of food and making conscious decisions of the amount of meat you are eating daily. Becoming a flexitarian is a day by day start towards becoming a pescatarian, vegetarian, and even a vegan. What’s great about this diet is that naturally, your body will adjust. As you slowly wean off the dependence of protein from meat and other things you would like to omit. Over time, your body will begin to not even want it anymore.

Becoming a flexitarian has the benefits of:

-Being ethical according to your lifestyle.

-Lessening the chance of relapsing to your old eating habits.

-Giving you a chance to try different things to see what works for you.

-An opportunity to still eat healthier, even if you don’t achieve veganism.

Becoming a flexitarian is always going at your own pace and according to what you like. As long as you are keeping your meals packed with plant based foods, you are on the right track to becoming healthier with your food choices. People have many different ways of transitioning into a flexitarian lifestyle. You can:

-Eliminate a meal a day of eating meat.

-Eliminate a day of eating meat week by weeks.

-Eliminate red meats first, then work your way down.

-Replace your meat with substitutes, such as tofu, whole grains and legumes.

While we always want what we can’t have, being  a flexitarian removes the dark cloud of complete and jarring restriction by granting you the pleasure of transitioning at your own pace. With this realistic set of boundaries and freedom, you not only give yourself a higher probability of bettering your lifestyle, but a step towards long term positive change. All it takes is action.

So, when will you start your flexitarian journey?

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