#VashtieVitals: What You Didn’t Know About Ginger Root

How often do you use ginger in your meals ? Many don’t know the killer benefitS the plant serves. Apart of the same family as turmeric, Ginger root can help aid many common health problems we have on the daily. You may see ginger used to season Asian and Indian food. It provides a spicy punch but also provides a variety of enzymes which can help you live your absolute best life. Let’s go through some of them.


There are various ways to consume ginger, the most common is as a spice however it can be chopped up and made into soup and tea. Try a cup of ginger root in the morning as a way to slim down after large meals. Jerk chicken, fried chicken, Italian hamburgers and hotdogs are great but can leave you with a bloated feeling. Ginger is able to help this because it’s suited for digestion and promotes a fast metabolism. Leave the flat tummy tea alone and just get some ginger root from your local market.


Now we’re not saying it’s a easy way to get your results. You want to also make sure you’re avoiding dairy and greasy foods along with drinking plenty water. A great diet combined with the use of ginger

can assist with things as little as breakouts to muscle pain. Avoid things like cough drops and ginger candies that are packed with sugars and try a cup of ginger root when your sick with a stuffy nose and sore throat.


Nausea overall whether it’s morning sickness for a mom to be or you’re overcoming a hangover from last nights festivities . It aids that horrendous spinning feeling that leaves you confined to your bed. Try dry ginger pieces or cup of ginger ale to bounce back and into your bag.

So there you have it, when in doubt or any kind of pain try some ginger. Let us know you’re experience with ginger down below!

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