Wellness Wednesdays: Here’s How I Started Getting More Sleep & You Can Too!


We all know how important sleep is, right? It allows your body to recharge from being on the go all day. Earlier this year, I challenged myself to sleeping challenge to allow myself to recoup and start each day fresh. Although its July, and you have given up on your new years resolutions (hope you haven’t) but I thought I would give some quick tips that you can use as soon as today to help maximize on your sleep. Hope this helps!

Shut down: Did you know that the soft blue or white glare from your devices can impair your sleeping? Be sure to turn everything off! You want to be only as plugged in as necessary. When the day is over, I try not to stay up too late on my phone because not only does it keep me up at night, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in social media. So turn off your phone, your laptop, and any other smart device!

  1. Reserve your bed: Your bed should be for relaxing. Try not to do important work, projects or surf the internet when in bed or trying to sleep. Being in bed should get your mind into a relaxed state.
  2. Set your internal clock: It’s a good practice to go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday, even on weekends. This will help your body adopt a healthy sleep schedule naturally.
  3. Get your exercise: Working out regularly is a great way to get better sleep. Working out gives you energy, so it’s best to finish your exercise 3-4 hours before bed. Good exercise will tire your body out in a healthy way.
  4. Turn your lights down low: Dimming your lights 2 hours before bed can set a calming mood that gets you in the swing of sleep.
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