#WELLNESSWEDNESDAY: How Pole Dancing Can Boost Your Confidence And Keep You Fit

Solange “When I Get Home”

First of all, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to Solange’s latest project “When I Get Home” also accompanied by a music video “Almeda”, you are definitely missing out on good music. The album is filled with meditative melodies and vocals that speak to the soul partnered with that H Town flare. The video is even more intriguing, displaying examples of bold, unapologetic black American culture. In the video, a woman can be seen dancing on a pole doing different moves while staying sexy and confident. Okay, now you’re probably thinking how can pole dancing, which also has historical ties to exotic dancing be empowering to women? Well, studies show that pole dancing is a great way to stay fit and can boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom *wink*.

5 Main Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Increasing strength: Pole dancing is an intense full body workout. In particular, you’ll work your upper body, core, and thighs.

Increased flexibility: The importance of flexibility is often overlooked. Being flexible can make you healthier in many ways; it reduces your risk of muscle injury and minimizes muscle soreness.

Lose weight and burn calories: All forms of exercise will help you trim the excess fat. Did you know that pole dancing can burn the same number of calories in 30 minutes as aerobics or calisthenics? Yup, it’s true! Using pole dancing as a workout can lead up to a more sustainable weight loss over a long period of time.

Increased cardiovascular health: We all know that cardiovascular health is important. Having a healthy heart lowers the risk of heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks, so with pole fitness, all of your muscles are being worked. Which helps the blood flow to them and this is a great cardiovascular workout.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Alongside this new found body confidence, the endorphins released by exercise will reduce your stress levels. If you have a stressful day, besides taking a drinky drink a hardcore pole workout is a great way to relieve stress. This happens when adrenaline builds up when we get stressed. A good workout session using the pole will work every muscle in your body such a perfect way to release all of that extra adrenaline.

4 Ways Pole Dancing Will Boost Your Confidence

Pole dancing makes being strong totally cool: Pole dancing helps women gain physical strength through intense resistance training. It’s an incredible feeling when you learn how to hold and control your own body weight in the air while doing different moves. You stand up taller. You walk with a renewed stride in your step.

It’s great for body image: Many fitness routines focus only on changing the way we look. It’s about the end result and not the process. Making many women believe working is a chore. Pole dancing flips that narrative by teaching skill-based moves that are challenging yet super fun. This redirects the energy away from what your body looks like toward what it can do, which is a much healthier way to keep fit.

It’s not just about being sexy… But it can be very sexy if you want it to be: Many people think there’s only one type of pole dancing, the kind performed at the strip clubs. There are actually other styles of pole dancing such as “artistic” and “athletic” pole dancing. Many in the dancing community are pushing for pole dancing to be added to the Olympics. Pole dancing allows women to become more closely connected to their bodies, which helps them express their sexuality on their own terms. Which leads to better understanding their bodies for more enjoyment in those bodies. Many women have expressed that their sex lives have improved after taking up pole dancing; therefore they also feel more comfortable in their bodies, which is always a helpful quality in the bedroom.

Swirl, Slide & Twirl yourself into a slumber: Pole dancing is an intense workout and once you’re done you’ll be sleeping like a baby. We all know how important it is to get our beauty sleep and what it does for us. Cut up a cucumber and place it on your eyes. You will wake up feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, strong and 100% confident. You might ask “who is she?” when you look in the mirror but just know girl, you did that!

Below are songs recommended from the album that you can dance along to during your first pole dancing class.

  1. “Down With The Clique”
  2. “Stay Flo”
  3. “Nothing without Intention (interlude)”
  4. “Almeda”
  5. “Binz”
  6. “Sound of Rain”
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