#WellnessWednesday: Chiropractic Health Tips For Photographers

PSA: This post is inspired by Edwin Ortiz, Vashtie’s photographer who was experiencing wrist pain. S/O to him! 

I’m not sure if anybody told you but being a photographer is harder than it looks. Photography is a action sport, you need to be quick and agile to get those off-guard candid shots. Strength and endurance are also key traits since we carry lights, tripods, camera bodies, multiple lens and ours laptops at once. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast it’s bound to test your physicality at some point. So here’s a list for the shooters on how to avoid unnecessary strain out in the battlefield.

Pull Comfy Looks 

We all want to look better than the model but when you pull up to set make sure you’re dressed in your stretchy trousers and your most comfortable kicks. Leave the platform doc martens at home.

Camera accessories

Protect the wrist and get a battery grip to give you more control when you need those vertical shots. Cop some camera straps that fit your unique needs to protect your shoulders and neck. Sling straps ease neck pain, avoid camera straps with harsh materials and trade in your shoulder bag for A backpack.

Enlist the platoon

Teamwork makes the dream work! Bring assistants and create a team that you trust. You can’t carry everything you’re self, save some time and energy. Bring some soldiers with you to war. 

Perfect your Stance

This is performance art we’re talking about here! When shooting keep the camera close to your body and use the boxer stance. Research and invest in tripods and monopods that can help achieve better results with less straining on your body. And of course remember to lift with your knees never your back!

Get Healthy   

You can never go wrong keeping your body hydrated. Water helps you to avoid injury, keeps your bones young, your skin beautiful and your mind focused. Stretch before shoots to keep blood circulating, poor circulation causes serious health problems.

So there it is, tips to help avoid injury, cause we need you! Photographers are important to society as they help visual our feelings, trends and create history as a culture. Could you imagine where we’d be if no one ever picked up a camera? I know we all have cameras on our phones but make sure you show the real shooters some respect out there. Peace.

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