#WellnessWednesday: Learn How To Eat For Your Blood Type

We know water is essential to make Mother Earth clean and healthy and lively. Similar to what water is to Mother Earth, our blood is to our body. It’s literally what our body is made up of. There are four main blood types – A, B, AB, and O. Everyone is born with one of these with a positive or negative next to it. Our blood pumps our heart, fights infections, and for women, cleans our uterus once a month. So blood is a huge part of our body and health. What happens when our blood gets sick? Infections, kidney failure, heart disease, and so much more. It’s important we take preventive measures to ensure our bodies don’t succumb to such illnesses.

Currently there are many food trends that people are suggesting everyone try: vegan, vegetarian, and keto. Although these diets are great for the body and even make sense — like who the hell wants to drink milk from a cow — we have to make sure we are properly educated in our own bodies and this includes our blood type. Having different blood types means having more or a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients. Not understanding this could result in unnecessary sicknesses. For example:

  • Type O blood types lack protein which means these people should double up on protein when they eat. So beans, tofu, peas, edamame, lentils, chickpeas, and nutritional yeast are your friend.

  • Type A blood types should eat a more plant based diet due to the lack of certain vitamins that can be found in green leafy vegetables and rich vegetables.


I’ve spoken with a few people who have shared their stories about going vegan without knowledge of food allergies or blood type. *Nikki shared her story of having a health scare and changing her diet to naturally fix the issue in her body. Unknowingly, *Nikki was allergic/sensitive to almonds. Without this knowledge, she switched to almond milk and ate almonds as a healthy snack. She continued to become sick in her stomach every time so she brought the issue up to her doctor. Apparently, *Nikki has a high sensitivity to almonds and also has a Type O blood type which meant she was putting a high amount of magnesium and iron in her body. Having a type O blood type, her body already makes these nutrients in higher percentages which is why when she was eating almonds she got ill; she was going in overdrive.

I’m not here to bang you over the head about what you should and shouldn’t eat. I just want to raise awareness about how important it is to each for our blood types. If you find yourself needing a high protein diet but you want to stick to a vegan diet, adjust what proteins you want to start intaking. Everything can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle as long as you are educated in what your blood needs!

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