#WellnessWednesday: Natural Deodorant

Sometime last week a coworker of mine was raving about a natural deodorant that she’d been using. She had been using a natural deodorant trying to vet out a deodorant that would be able to withstand New York’s summer. According to my coworker while she had been using the natural deodorant she noticed that her armpits weren’t as dark as before and she didn’t feel sweaty. As she tried to persuade me to try a natural deodorant I quickly reminded her that Dove and Secret hadn’t failed me yet. As someone that is always cold, in order for me to sweat it has to be at least 90 degrees outside and even then I don’t sweat under pits just near my hairline and other parts of my face. I am true believer in if its not broke don’t fix it and that how I feel about my deodorant but since I am always down to try something new, I decided to try a natural deodorant.

According to Keeper natural deodorants do not have aluminum. Aluminum is the ingredient in deodorants that helps and prevent with sweating. Think of it this way, we are using these deodorants everyday under our arm pits which is where our lymph nodes are located and all of this is being absorbed by skin and travels deeper into our cells. The aluminum found in our deodorant has been linked to Alzheimer and studies have suggested that aluminum could be a contributing factor to breast cancer. If that isn’t enough to get you thinking, think about what people were doing to stay fresh and fragrant centuries before the deodorant was invented. People were using natural oils, spices, and essences to stay fresh, after all powder fresh is not a real scent.

Just before heading into work I made a quick stop at Sephora and purchased LAVANILLA’s healthy deodorant in vanilla + water for peace. It comes in a solid stick that I am used to and is small enough to fit in my bag. According to the packaging the deodorant has essential oils jasmine, chamomile, and vanilla. The packaging also boasts that the product is a 100% healthy with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. As soon as I got to work I put on the deodorant, it went on softer than my usual Secret deodorant. The smell was very pleasant. As I moved through out my day I didn’t feel hyper aware about using a natural deodorant. I didn’t feel sweaty by the end of my workday. To test the deodorant some more I walked approximately half a mile home and still didn’t feel sweaty. When I got home I gave myself a sniff test and my armpits still smelled pretty good. The most surprising part was when I took off my t-shirt there wasn’t white residue all over the inside where my armpits are. After using LAVANILLA’s deodorant I may be putting my Secret deodorant on the back burner for now plus I’d be doing my lymph nodes a huge favor.

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