#WellnessWednesday: ‘The Woo-Sah Factor’, Meditation And Why It’s Life Changing

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Truth be told, we’ve all had that moment where we could use a little “Whoo-Sahh” in our lives. A time to deflect and welcome a sense of inner peace, while letting go of all the negative energy surrounding us. Meditation allows you to not only be in sync with your inner emotions, but allows a stress-free balance that everyone should consider trying out once in a while.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Just by taking fifteen minutes out of your day, turning off all distractions, and escaping deep into the wonders of your mind; you get an array of beneficial lifestyle changes. Improved breathing, elevated energy levels, lessen muscle and joint pain, and reduced blood pressure are just a few known benefits everyone could get a kick out of.

Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

If you’re a first time newbie, and want to try to add this to your lifestyle, then give it a go! Close your eyes, cross your legs and just breath…that’s all

there is to it. Try focusing on the good and positive things within your life. Remember this is strictly a peaceful time between you, your mind, and inner self.

Although her schedule is crazy busy on a daily basis, Vashtie takes the time to incorporate meditation in her daily routine. Showing no matter how much of a super star you are, self care should always be your number one priority. Do yourself a favor and be kind to the mind the good Lord gave you. Make room for more happiness, clarity, and healing in your life by doing meditation.

The next time you’re feeling razzled and life is just a bit too much at the moment, try putting your phone on silent, closing your eyes, and simply escaping the frustration. Then see what a difference meditation can make.

Photo Courtesy of : Pinterest

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