We’ve Gathered The Best Essential Oils For Deep Sleep

To find yourself in a deep sleep that gives you ample rest and provides you bursts of morning energy can be an exhausting task. Sure, there are sleep aids and OTC medications but there are other alternatives to helping you catch the necessary zzz’s. One method rooted in wholistic practice in aromatherapy. You may recall a while back when we discussed yoga as a physical aid to sleep, however, aromatherapy works much more neurological using the power of scent.

What is Aromatherapy and How Does It Work?

In a unique way, our sense of smell is directly connected to memory and emotion receptors in the brain. Thanks to that unique pathway, scents have the ability to quickly trigger any strong memories associated with them. For example, the smell of fresh-baked cookies or your favorite food at your favorite restaurant or even the smell of laundry! In the practice of aromatherapy scents from essential oils are used to relieve stress, lower anxiety and promote relaxation. All key ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are powerful compounds of aromatic chemicals extracted from plants, roots or herbs. Once the chemicals or essence have been extracted from the plant, it is combined with a carrier oil for dilution as pure essential oils can have harmful effects.

The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Since there are tons of essential oils all with unique capabilities it can be overwhelming trying to find which works best for what. We’ve put together a few options with properties well known to aid you in a deep sleep.


Arguably the most well-known essential oil for its sleep aid capabilities. With lots of research, it is known that lavender can improve sleep quality and help alleviate symptoms of mild insomnia and restlessness.

Roman Chamomile

You already know that chamomile tea is good for sleeping and here’s why. The roman chamomile essential oil can calm anxiety putting your body at ease and promote better quality sleep. And as a bonus, some studies have even shown that it may have the potential to reduce night terrors.


Maybe not as well known, but valerian root is a common ingredient in herbal sleep-aiding teas. It has sedative effects and in its oil form, valerian can help give you a restful night’s sleep with less groggy feelings in the morning.


The cedarwood essential oil contains cedrol which has sedative properties that decrease heart rate and blood pressure. Both help prepares your body for a state of relaxation and sleep.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage is a natural sedative that promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation. It also brings clarity while reducing anxiety for deep and restful sleep.

How To Use Essential Oils

It’s important to remember the power of essential oils. They are highly concentrated and should be diluted through various methods for the best use. Try adding a few drops into a warm bath or body cream before bed. Or for a roomful of aromatherapy add essential oils to a diffuser or steaming bowl of hot water. Whichever method you choose these essential oils are sure to aid in your sleep and improve the quality of your rest.

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