Solve Your Valentine’s Day Procrastination With These Last Minute Gift Ideas!

So, it’s February 14th, and you don’t have a gift yet. Yeah, you weren’t prepared. We’re past that now. Here’s our last minute Valentine’s Day gift list!


Every girl loves flowers, and I’m pretty sure any guy would too. You can find them on almost every street corner next to your local bodega! They’re the perfect sentiment to make anybody feel special!

A Day of Pampering

Make the day all about them! You can do breakfast in bed, make them a bubble bath, wine and a movie–even a trip to the spa. Anything to communicate love and consideration, because that’s all we really want, right?

Chocolate (Or anything sweet)

If you’re dating someone who loves chocolate, that’s the way to go. My personal fave is be Li-Lac here in the city, but that’s just me. Any type of chocolate makes my heart skip a beat. I know I’m not the only one. But, if you’re dating someone from the small percentage of the world who dislikes chocolate–and believe me they are out there–anything with a sweetness will do.

A Monthly Subscription 

This is a thoughtful gift which gives all year. For the girl who love makeup, there’s Birchbox. The company also offers options for all the boys out there–with a box that includes 4 grooming samples and a lifestyle product!



Exclusive for Valentine’s Day, La Perla provides the Freedom brief as an ideal gift, with each pair offered inside a specially designed red La Perla heart-shaped box, lovingly tied up in a bow. Cut from an ultra thin French Leavers lace, the thong includes only a single seam to the back, offering a smooth, invisible fit under any garment. Crafted in the colour of love, the rich red offers a seductive allure, perfect for your Valentine.

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Sexy Scents


This limited edition “French Violet” scented candle  is the perfect gift to set the mood.  A nice and cozy gift that lasts and can serve as a daily reminder of the perfect evening.

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Personal Handwritten Note

Depending on how ‘lovey-dovey’ you want to get this year, a personal card or letter can make your significant other’s heart melt. Your card doesn’t have to be on Pinterest level. It’s the thought that counts! Getting those deep feelings down on paper sounds corny as hell, but let’s be honest, it’s probably pretty high up on the list of romantic gestures.


I hope this list took you out of a panic, and helped you enjoy this special day with the one you love. It’s not about the presents. Valentine’s Day gives even the busiest of us a moment to enjoy those we spend time with–but yeah, presents are great too!

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