What Exactly is a Flexitarian Diet?

Not Vegetarian but Flexitarian

You may have heard of the joke of being “a flexitarian” which is someone who is very flexible with their dietary needs. This joke became common around the time vegan and plant-based diets became very popular. However, there is a real insight on what being a flexitarian can mean for us.

What is Flexitarian?

Being a flexitarian can have negative connotations because it alludes to the idea that you don’t have the discipline to choose a diet. In reality, when you’re a flexitarian you eat what you need and this may change on a weekly/monthly basis. Some simple principals that the flexitarian diet includes according by healthline.com:

The Difference Between Vegan and Flexitarian

When going for a vegan lifestyle some may find roadblocks in pricing and accessibility. If you live in areas near food desserts attempting a vegan lifestyle can actually be counterproductive spending more money on less food which is already difficult to get to. Instilling a flexitarian lifestyle means being aware of your needs when you’re feeling a bit sluggish and tired adding more protein and carrying snacks like peanuts and cashews can help you. Instead of just cutting things off and forcing a certain diet, it’s about what you can afford and the best way to go about your healthy lifestyle.

Made Just For YOU

The keyword is you! Following certain diets can be difficult if you are a picky eater or allergic to certain things. After all, we are simply different people. Take note of your favorite dishes both healthy and your go-to guilty pleasures and plan out how often you will eat things. Maybe your favorite jerk chicken dish should be consumed every couple of months and not every other week. During a certain time of the month or even year, your body may need more of the other. So within this lifestyle, you gain more insight on how foods really affect you.

A flexitarian can be someone who simply avoids dairy, not because they are lactose intolerant but because of how dairy affects their skin. Another flexitarian may specifically stay away from processed foods and sodas because of how they react. Flexitarians can appreciate vegan meals one month, focus on plant-based the next month and enjoy their favorite meat dishes on their vacations because there are no specific rights or wrongs. Imagine the way you get to organize and arrange the icons on your home screen you pick and arrange what meals work best. Harsh diets can sometimes mentally consume you when you start cold-turkey. A flexitarian lifestyle can also help you ease your way into other diets of your choice.  Are you living the flexitarian lifestyle if so what are your go-to meals?

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