What To Wear For A Chill Day At Home

Now that the holidays are officially over nothing sounds better than relaxing at home. With all of the travel and visiting you’ve been doing over the last couple of months, you deserve a little R&R on your own couch. Over the years you may have accumulated a plethora of R&R clothing i.e. leggings, college sweatshirts, and various oversized tee shirts, but now that you’re all grown up it’s time to revamp that part of your wardrobe. We’re not saying the wearable memorabilia from your academic years has to go but there are many stylish options that are just as cozy and check of a box on your ever-growing adulting list. When you’re planning for a chill day at home your closet needs a section of loungewear or chill attire. Jeans are great but let’s face it nothing feels more comfortable than sweats and these days there are endless options no matter what your style is.

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Knit Joggers

Knit joggers are a nice, soft and cozy alternative to leggings. The plush material of these elevated sweats feel comfortable and the looser fits are easier to move around in. The best part about these joggers are the pockets that are handy for whatever you may need to carry i.e. quarters for laundry or keys. The second best part about joggers is how perfectly they fit with your favorite pair of tennis. The fitted ankle makes throwing on shoes for a quick run to store easy and fashionable.


If you simply can’t give up leggings there is an alternative that is a bit better than your general workout legging. It’s called the swegging. The name, a mashup of sweater and legging, gives away the idea behind this luxe form of loungewear. Sweggings have a cozier material then their athletic cousins and are therefore automatically more comfortable. The perfect pair of bottoms whether you’re working from your couch or binge-watching your favorite show.

Cropped Hoodies

Hoodies are a loungewear staple and these cropped versions are just too cute! Ok cuteness aside cropped hoodies are actually very versatile and make a great top to high-waist sweggings or sweat pants. You can purchase them separately or pick up a set including the matching sweatpants.

Oversized Tees

Yes, we mentioned these in the intro but there really is nothing like a good oversized tee. For the update go with something that fits your personality and shows your style just in case you have to run outside for a bit. A throwback concert tee or a tee that simply states your favorite sports team is perfect for a coffee run or quick errand.


If you have wood floors you already know that slippers are a must-have in your house. But a pair that also doubles as a pair of shoes is a better option because let’s face it sometimes even throwing on sneakers is too much effort.


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