‘WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!’ Remembering Protests of the Past


In times of social struggle, New Yorkers are not afraid to stand up and make sure their voices are heard. Instead of ignoring the issues, these brave souls stand together and protest. Protests are important. They grant the ability to spread ideas among the public by bringing awareness to social injustices. And standing on a righteous platform can be dangerous, which is why it takes a courageous soul to stand against oppressors. For this reason, those who’ve fought for their rights–as well as the rights of others–should be celebrated and remembered.


Bronx Documentary Center will be holding, WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!, a gallery show documenting the protests that occurred in New York from 1980-2000. Watch below as Carolina Kroon discusses the Midtown Tunnel Closure, a documented protest which will be featured in the gallery.

The show chronicles the social struggles of New Yorkers from the perspective of 38 different photographers. The gallery will cover protests on race relations, police brutality, war & environment, AIDS, queer activism, abortion rights, housing, education & labor, and culture wars.

As a photojournalist, in all the years that, and all the different things I covered; often, I guess I – there are certain moments when you’re at something, where, wow, this is, like – this is history, and you’re living it. And I guess for me, as someone who grew up kind of cut off, as a child, I was, I found being really a part of the world, and communicating what was going on to the rest of the world, really important and really stimulating, and my mission. – Donna Binder, a photojournalist featured in the gallery, from her Oral History Interview.

Unfortunately, we’re still in a time that demands protest to combat the same social justice issues from almost forty years ago. If you find yourself depleted of hope from the current chaos, take some time out of your day to visit the gallery. You may receive inspiration from protesters of the past.

The show is open until March 14th.

For more information visit their website, here.

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