Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Success Is Important To Independent Artists Everywhere

“Shout outs to Soundcloud!” yelled Chance The Rapper as he accepted one of his three Grammy awards of the night for Best Rap Album. Chance, an award winning, proud Soundcloud rapper is paving the way for all of the independent artists everywhere. Lil Chano from 79th took home the award for Best Rap Performance for his single “No Problem”, Best Rap Album for his 2016 album Coloring Book, and Best New Artist. 

Now, let’s break this down.. Chance officially has more Grammy awards than records sold. All of his music projects have been and are available for free on Soundcloud, a music platform that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. Chance made the decision to, despite many offers from major record labels, independently produce Coloring Book. In another acceptance speech, he describes independence as freedom. Chance proved that you don’t need to be signed to be an artist and put out music that is respected and legitimate. Throughout his award winning album, Chance touches on his battle with the music industry to be one of the few artists who remain independent. In his single “Blessings” he raps,

“Kanye’s best prodigy. He ain’t sign me but he proud of me.”

Hey Kanye! I don’t know about Chance, but if you have another one of those record deals, I’d just love to talk. In a theatrical performance of “No Problem”, (the song dedicated to record labels eager to get Chance on their team), on the Ellen show, he and 2 Chainz destroyed and shut down a room full of label executives. He’s been making it very clear, that any label after him, “don’t want no problem” with the kid. I wouldn’t let his charming smile fool you, if I were you…

It’s crazy to believe that a year ago, none of this would have even been able to happen. Back in June, we all rejoiced as we found out that the Grammy’s changed their academy rules, making non-commercially sold albums eligible for an award. Chance’s reaction to the good news was just as humble and modest as you would’ve expected. He tweeted,

History was made at the Grammy Awards, as Chance was the very first artist to win an award under the new rules that many people believe were modified specifically for him. Let’s be real, Coloring Book was going to get a Grammy one way or another. His success will mean the world to every single Soundcloud rapper fighting for a voice in this industry.

So Chance, We thank you bro.

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