Why Coney Island Should Be on Your To-Do List This Summer

Whether you are a native or a new New Yorker, you should already know that no summer spent in NYC is complete without a trip to good ol’ Coney Island.

Also known as Luna Park or Astroland (sorry Travis Scott), Coney Island is located in South Brooklyn. In addition to the amusement park rides, games, and food, Coney Island is also the home of Brooklyn’s only official beach. From performances and concerts on the boardwalk to bumper cars and arcades, there is never “nothing to do” while on this side of Brooklyn.

Two of Astroland’s main attractions are The Cyclone and The Wonder Wheel – both some of the oldest rides in the park and the United States in general! The Wonder Wheel, built in 1918 and opened in 1920, is a steel Ferris wheel with both stationary cars and rocking cars that slide along a track. It holds 144 riders, stands 150 ft (46 m) tall, and weighs over 200 tons. At night, the Wonder Wheel’s steel frame is outlined and illuminated by neon tubes.

The Cyclone roller coaster, built in 1927, is the oldest wooden coaster in the United States and includes a 60-degree drop. Riders are also delighted to a breath-taking view of Brooklyn before dropping 85 feet. What more could you ask for? Vashtie also shot parts of her latest visual She Got Game here.

Coney Island is also the easiest amusement park to get to. From anywhere in the city, you can hop on the D, Q, N, or F train to the very last top and there you are. Many people often refer to Coney Island as “heaven at the end of the subway,” so make sure you use this summer to find out why!


KHEEEZUS, also known as Khalia Iris or LiiaFamouszx (on Myspace) is a 23-year-old DJ and content creator from Brooklyn, NY. Khalia is a proud Howard University Alumna and lover of all things Hip-Hop. She likes to dabble in fashion too from time to time ;-) Check her out: http://soundcloud.com/kheeezus | IG + Twitter: @Kheeezus

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