Why Every Veggie Lover Should Have A Dehydrator In Their Kitchen

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If you’re a green clean-eating health guru, then this one is all for you. It’s time to pull the fruits and veggies out and take it one step further in leveling up your healthy lifestyle. The Dehydrator is the newest craze on the market right now, and rightfully so for a reason. Amongst the endless benefits, list of food options, and overall great taste; there should not be a reason that this product is not sitting on your cabinet as we speak. If you’re calling yourself a veggie lover, and you don’t have a dehydrator….what are you really doing with yourself?

To by-pass the third degree, I will simply give you guys the rundown on everything you need to know about Dehydrators. Made to reduce the water content of your food by using low dry temperatures, dehydrators are here to help make great snacks last, and restrain from bacterial growth and spoiling. Vashtie takes note of this as she implements this product in her daily routine. Using it to make fruit snacks such as apple chips, she promotes a healthy alternative to bad food choices.

Here are a few benefits to having your very own dehydrator at home!

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1.Reduces Waste & Extend Shelf Life

We are constantly throwing away food produce due to it being a short time span of when it begins to spoil. With that being said, dehydrators allows your food to last up two years! That’s right, your fruits and vegetables that tend to go bad before you can even enjoy them, have the opportunity to sustain for a long time.

2. Fresh & Natural

Let’s be honest, we never really know what’s in our food unless we’ve planted the seeds and grown it ourselves. The causes of not knowing what we’re eating leads to various diseases and common health issues. Additives and preservatives are placed in our food to try and extend the shelf life and natural taste. No more being confused on what’s really going on with that long list of ingredients on the back of your potato chips. Make your products fresh and most importantly know what’s going in your belly.

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3. The Price is Right

Believe it or not, a healthy addition does not have to break the bank. A simple dehydrator can cost you only 30 bucks, but if you want to get fancy with it, there are others that can go into the hundred dollar price range. Not only does this device not cost an arm or a leg to buy, it helps with keeping your money in the bank. Instead of purchasing high priced healthy snack options every time you’re doing your groceries, make your own for FREE.

4. Endless Options

One of the best perks about dehydrators are the endless amounts of cool snack options! You’re not limited to just one row of the food chain. Along with fruits and vegetables, grains, and even meat are an option as well. Here are a some choices to choose from.

• Vegetables Chips (Carrots, Sweet Potato, ect.)

• Dried Fruit ( grapes, bananas, strawberries, mangoes, ect.)

• Beef Jerky

• Crackers

• Granola

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The list can go on and on to why dehydrators are a big deal. By incorporating this product into your home you’re opening the doors to a healthier solution for a better lifestyle. You can find dehydrators selling at your local Walmart, Lowe’s Home Depot and of course Amazon.

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