Why You Need A Goal Journal This Year

The end of the year is a time for reflection on our actions, decisions, and choices of the year we’re leaving behind. But the end of this year is different because we aren’t just ending the year, we are ending a decade. This no doubt means that the amount of reflection we’ll all be doing will be long and well thought out. Naturally, after reflection comes to the resolutions for the new year, and given the beginning a new decade thing, those resolutions are also sure to be long and well thought out.


This year you may resolve to vacation more, budget better, spend more time with family and friends or live a healthier lifestyle. Sure we’ll all resolve something promising for the coming year, and while in development the resolutions may seem attainable the statistics of the years past will prove otherwise. The numbers show that just 8% of people actually reach their NYE goal and less than 25% of those who make resolutions are able to stick with them for a full 30 days. So how can you (we) make this year and decade different? Well, a goal journal might help.

You’ve probably never heard of a goal journal and at first thought, you may get a flashback to your high school planners. Yes, there are some planner aspects to a goal journal but it is not just a calendar type planner. For example, a lot of goal journals are unmarked and allow you to input the dates for a customizable calendar. But perhaps the biggest and most significant difference are the creative methods goal journals use to keep you on track and on task. In some journals, you’ll find sections dedicated to gratitude and self-awareness which is ideal for housing your meditative rituals, or full-on vision boards to lay out your daily and weekly goals.

You are also likely to find tools of guidance to ensure that you reach and achieve every step of your new resolutions. Many goal journals also come with inspiring illustrations and stickers to appeal to the visual and creative side of your brain. Much more than a planner, the methods utilized by goal journals are scientifically proven to help you attain your goals and achieve your dreams, and isn’t that all you (we) want for this coming decade? Tweet us a few of your 2020 goals at Vashtiedotcom

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