Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday: DaniLeigh

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It’s safe to say we’ve taken the word “woman” to a new level. “The Woman” is fearless, strong, elegant, task-oriented and in 2020, we’re here for it. On Wednesday’s we celebrate not only a woman we’re crushing on, but a woman who’s crushing the scene in their respective career. Our Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday today is DaniLeigh.

Most have seen DaniLeigh dancing around in music videos like Drake’s “In My Feelings,” along with her Instagram, but she’s much more than a dancer. The choreographer, singer, and model brings more to the table than your average creative. Born in Miami, Florida, she was raised by Dominican parents. She started dance classes around the age of 12 and went full force into music by 14.  After posting singing covers on Youtube, she found her way to Los Angeles and dedicated most of her time to her career. Since dancing comes naturally to her, her first few gigs included becoming a background dancer to Nelly Furtado and Pharrell Williams, but soon after her music career began to blossom.

Her first single, D.O.S.E.  released in 2015 and it’s been non-stop since then. The compilation of Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez and Drake landed her a deal with Def Jam Records. There she began to play with her sound. Teetering between bouncy pop records, trunk-rattling trap beats, and soothing R&B melodies, DaniLeigh found herself in being multi-faceted. Our favorite singles from her include “Easy,” “No Limits,” and “Wrong” which all display different sides of her musical ability. She never forgets her dance background and incorporated into choreographing Da Baby’s music video for “BOP.”

In all, DaniLeigh is truly a talent. As a dancer and singer, she remains a force. As R&B continues to transform, we look to innovators like DaniLeigh to keep the genre fresh and exciting. We look forward to what she will bring in 2020.




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