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It’s safe to say we’ve taken the word “woman” to a new level. “The Woman” is fearless, strong, elegant, task-oriented and in 2020, we’re here for it. On Wednesday’s we celebrate not only a woman we’re crushing on, but a woman who’s crushing the scene in their respective career. Our Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday today is Ryan Destiny.

You may have seen the angel that is Ryan Destiny on social media but there is a lot more to her then meets the eye. Lately, Ryan has been popping up everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest, and that’s because she’s been killing it. Though she is most famous for her role as Alexandra Crane on the hit show Star, Ryan has been in the entertainment business her whole life. On Star Ryan’s character was part of a girl group trio navigating the music industry alongside heavyweights like Queen Latifah and Naomi Campbell. The show was a hit, but the narrative wasn’t too far from Ryan’s real life.

Born in Detroit, Ryan has deep roots in R&B. In 2013 she rose to music fame as a member of the girl-group Love Dollhouse. Though the group eventually split, Ryan continued to peruse her passions, music, and acting, simultaneously. In the midst of filming, Ryan dropped her single, “The Same” featuring Tobi Lou and made us go “oh yeah, the girl can sing.” Ryan’s sound has elements of 90’s R&B like smooth and sultry tones but its melodramatic cadence feels fresh. In the video, Ryan gives us angles and choreography in a way we had no idea we needed until now.

Nowadays, you can catch Ryan on Grown-ish with upcoming film roles and no doubt she has more music on the way. It’s safe to say that Ryan Destiny is definitely the one to watch. Her style and look are uncontrived yet cool and through her platforms, she has become a fashion and beauty inspiration to many women.

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