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As of lately, it’s hard not to notice the art work that resurfaces on our timelines via Instagram and Twitter let alone a woman that slays everyday. When it comes to today’s Woman Crush Wednesday certain artist in particular,  you can catch her incorporating her signature eye in majority of her artwork but today, we’re placing our eye on her.

#vogue #nyfw @gypsysport 🤘🏼😚🌀💕

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If your not familiar with the name Anhia Santana , perhaps your familiar with her artist name  Distortedd.  Aside from supporting her love MadeinTYOyou can typically catch the Philly native crushing it in the art world, having her art displayed at Jhene Aiko‘s listening party for Trip,  being praised by Erykah Badu and Action Bronson, making art for We  The Best/Nike Lunacharge collaboration at Art Basel , turning our favorite  celebrity and street -style pieces into monsters, appearing in Vogue for modeling,  and most importantly  inspiring every girl to embrace her inner weird.  Here are some reasons why Distortedd is our woman crush who’s crushing it.


Distortedd has been launching out her artwork before 2013 and has caught her  our eyes as well as our hearts through her retro  artwork and recreations of artists like Kanye, SZA, Gucci Mane, Rugrats, Power Puff Girls, Menace II Society,  beloved sneakers of street-wear, and much more.  Throughout her career, she’s also managed to model, went on an art party tour last year (LA , New Orleans, ATL, Chicago, St Louis, Charlotte, NYC, SXSW, and Philly), has been doing back to back art shows as of this year, will be doing an art event with Rico Nasty and Pink Dolphin  on October 25th in LA, and will be having an exhibition at Opening Ceremony in November  In addition to working her ass off  and gaining a cult fan base for her, she’s been covered on numerous social media publications from Complex and Fader to The Source and  The Grammys, starred on an episode of Ill-ustrated  for Champs Sports, and most importantly is a mom, and fully motivates other women and anyone who watches her to be their true selves.

The next time you visit Distortedd‘s page on Instagram, not only should you take in the art that she’s putting out  and the art work that her supporters get tatted on them, but also observe the animation mini films she puts out. Not only is her work bound to inspire other girls to go for their  art dreams, but also possibly represent a major cartoonist who could possibly start her own series one day on somewhere like Vice or Adult Swim. Her monster-influenced art not only speaks to the art world but it speaks to those keeping a watch on her evolving art and talent. Whoever tells you that you cant be an amazing and innovative artist, a model,  and be a mom,  lied. Our WCW proves that. Be sure to check out her art at www.distortedd.com .

finally posting this cartoon video 🖤 🌀🌎 featuring @madeintyo (here's a preview) #truesworld

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Distortedd 1 of 1 pieces I designed during Art Basel for DJ Khaled and Champs Sports.

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Woke up like . Where's the Chop Suey 💀🖤 Animated by @distortedd_

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