Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday: Laura Harrier Is Our New Favorite It Girl

celebsofcolor: “Laura Harrier attends the Coach 75th Anniversary: Women’s Pre-Fall and Men’s Fall Show - Front Row on December 8, 2016 in New York City. ”

When Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s debut trailer arrived, I was hyped just like everyone else. 1.) Because Marvel finally has their hand back in the Spidey web. 2.) We now have an actual teen Peter Parker. 3.) Fellow Bay Area native, Zendaya is making moves in the film and getting her shine. 4.) Laura Harrier, the low key starlet I haven’t been able to get enough of in the last couple years, has a lead role. And not just any lead role–the lead role. Liz Allan, Peter Parker’s main squeeze. Stubborn comic fans got their undies all in a twist after seeing a melanated Liz. The usual rhetoric of past race bending casting occurred, but none of that mattered. Laura Harrier is the perfect Liz Allan, the one our Spider-Man needs; and beyond that, she’s not going anywhere. She’s just warming up.

“It’s insane, It’s a little surreal. I’m playing Liz Allan, who is the love interest of Peter Parker, and we’re kind of starting at the very beginning of the Spider-Man story. It’s from the original comics from 1962, and now Marvel is producing along with Sony, which is very cool because it’s in that whole huge superhero universe — which is kind of this other world that I was thrown into. I am really excited about it.”–Laura Harrier, WWD

“I was always interested in acting, but [I never thought] it was what I was going to do with my life.”–Laura Harrier, Vogue

After her killer start in modeling, Laura took a leap for her true love, acting, and hooked a role as Destiny Evans in the soap opera One Life to Live in 2013. From there it’s been an influx of dazzling opportunities, including her part in Kenzo’s impactful short film, The Realest Real. This was the first time I saw Laura, and I couldn’t help but be drawn by the strength of her confidence while her overall sweetness read to me as a relatable girl next door. It’s something we see less of today. In a world of overt, explicit bad ass bitches, where are the girls who break bad by their goodness? Their hearts, their drive, the strength in their reserve and grace, intelligence and progressive and free spirits. Sure there’s a handful, but it’s always nice to see more join the squad. Not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous–equipped with heavy-lidded wide doe eyes, defined cheekbones and an envy worthy pout.

spideycentral: “ lauraharrier: fruit lady out here serving all your tropical fruit needs ???? find me peddlin dem coconuts at: fruit lady, main street, bequia island, st.vincent and the grenadines, west indies see you soon ✌? ”

“My mom always told me to treat everybody equally, which sounds obvious. But, in a work setting, it’s about treating craft services just as highly as you would the director. It’s easy to feel like everything revolves around you with all the lights and cameras. But, to be honest, every single person on set has an important role, and they’re all working to make it happen. It’s important to keep that in mind. Besides, it’s all about karma. That stuff will come back around.” -Laura Harrier

Laura Harrier wearing Miu Miu

“I kind of just want to look like a cool French girl in the Sixties, most of the time. Or TLC,” Laura said to WWD. Without a question, our woman crush accomplishes this every time she steps foot in front of the camera. There’s an effortlessness in her look, an authenticity of beauty that almost makes you sure is made up of her soul, rather than her shell. Perhaps it’s why Laura has always had such a deep connection to acting, despite her career beginning with modeling–she’s very much linked and interested in the beautiful intricacies of human emotion, respect, and experiences. And just in case you were wondering if Laura is in a hurry to line up a streak of films after Spider-Man, think again. She’s choosing her future with caution. “For me, it’s all about smaller character-driven pieces, about finding a person that I connect with, and that I’m interested in bringing to life. I’m reading a lot of stuff right now and I’m kind of interested in finding what speaks to me.”

We look forward to hearing and seeing more from Laura–her feminism, acting, fashion killa moments and definitely her breakout role in the Marvel Universe. In the meantime, check her out in the second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, as well as her official Calvin Klein ad below.


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