Sydney Bennet, aka Syd tha Kid is one-fifth of the dope band The Internet. She emerged into the music scene in 2010 as a producer for Wolf Gang. Most of Odd Future’s earlier music was recorded in her house, or “The Trap” as they’d call it. She pursued a DJ career until 2011, when she and her roommate at the time, Matt Martians, formed the band The Internet. Syd and Matt enlisted Patrick, Chris and Steve’s creativity to solidify the sound of the band.

The Internet’s first project, Purple Naked Ladies, contained fan favorites like “Fast Lane” and “Cocaine”.

After The Internet had a chance to get their feet wet with their debut album, they went on to release their sophomore album Feel Good in 2013.  Feel Good’s Justin Timberlake inspired vibe shined all the way through with the leading fan favorite “Dontcha” garnishing over eight million views on Youtube.

At this point, her talent had become undeniable. Ego Death dropped in 2015 and had the whole world vibing to it. From track one to track 12, each song gives you a different feel than the last. The album went on to earn the group a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Here’s Ego Death’s message according to Matt Martians:

 “A lot of people that we know [are] just having their egos checked in many ways. Some people losing their jobs when, last year, they were at the top of the mountain; certain people’s careers going in different directions that they didn’t anticipate. And just kind of two words that you want people to think about these days, because we do have a lot of people who, on the Internet — whether it’s Instagram, Twitter — it’s a lot of egos that are really based on nothing backing it up.”

He couldn’t have said it better.

Check out two of the biggest features on the album “Get Away” and “Special Affair”:

Now that we’ve establish her band credentials, it’s time recognize her talents as a solo artist. Each member of The Internet have been working on their own projects. In February 2017, Syd dropped her solo debut titled FinThe album’s success resulted in a sold out tour all over the world and so far a BET Award nomination for “All About Me”. Please do not wait until the wave of Sydney Bennet has surpassed you, hop on before it’s too late. Just like a fine wine, she just gets better with time.

As she would say, she “turned nothing to something” and there’s no denying that.

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