#WOMANCRUSHINITWEDNESDAY: When chicks who love kicks join podcasts

It’s safe to say we’ve taken the word “woman” to an entire new level. “The Woman” is fearless, strong, elegant, and task-oriented in 2018 and at VashtieDotCom, we’re here for it. On Wednesdays we celebrate not only a woman we’re crushing on, but a woman who’s crushing the scene in her respective career. Our Women Crushin’ It Wednesday today features female sneakerheads.

When someone I admire does an exclusive interview and I somehow miss it, I’m annoyed. Instead of being able to participate in the conversation live, I have to piece together the moment through social media mad late. But when it comes to women who love kicks, we don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Many of these women did not start their careers in sneakers. But their love of fashion led them to major brand collaborations and opportunities. In the podcasts below, these women talk about their internships, their relationships and the moments that changed their side hustles into careers. So here is our handpicked list of inspiring podcasts featuring some of the women we follow in the business.

Credit: manrepeller.com

Melody Ehsani on Man Repeller’s “The Call”
Designer Melody Ehsani talks about the self-doubt she had to let go of to become sought out by celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Solange. Because of her experience, she now focuses on empowering other women.

Credit: hypebeast.com

Aleali May on HYPEBEAST Radio
Stylist Aleali May talks about her Air Jordan 1, which was her first product release, and its promotional pop-up event where Snoop’s dad made an appearance.

Credit: tidal.com

Emily Oberg hosts “The Group Chat”
Former Complex magazine VJ Emily Oberg launched “The Group Chat” with other real-life friends Speedy Morman and Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins. On the show, they recreate the conversations that they would have over text.

Credit: itunes.apple.com

Brittany Sky on “Am I Allowed to Like Anything?”
Brittany Sky is a DJ who was featured in Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice”. She talks about her first internship at Red Bull and the DJs she admires like Samantha Ronson and Kitty Cash.

Credit: itunes.apple.com

Madeline Poole on “Girlboss Radio”
Internationally known nail artist and member of the International Girl Crew, Madeline Poole has worked with designer Stella McCartney and Miley Cyrus. She talks about the odd jobs she held that gave her time to find a gig that she enjoyed.

Credit: couponvenus.com

Jazerai Allen-Lord hosts “Just Jazerai”
Creative consultant and writer Jazzy hosted a 4-episode podcast that featured her poetry, meditations and personal reflections.

Credit: soundcloud.com

I Luv Lola on “A Waste of Time”
Lola Plaku, Founder of Lola Media Group and @iluvlola, is a branding and management agent that has worked with French Montana, The Weeknd and Drake. She talks about how she networked her way into the Canadian music scene.

Credit: youtube.com

Angie Martinez on “The Combat Jack Show”
Radio personality Angie Martinez talks about her memoir and her experience growing up in the old New York versus living in the new New York.

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