Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday: Jane Roberts

The story of Dorothy Jane Roberts may be a tad peculiar to some but ultimately the eerie life she led has inspired many throughout the years. Roberts was an author, poet, self-proclaimed psychic, and spirit medium during the 1960’s. She is most notably known for claiming to channel an energy personality who called himself “Seth.” Her publication of the Seth texts, known as the Seth Material, established her as one of the preeminent figures in the world of paranormal phenomena.

The story goes, on a September evening in 1963, Roberts sat down to work on poetry; Her husband was in his back-room studio, painting.  All of a sudden a heavy flow of new ideas came into her head as these ideas rushed in Roberts blacked out. Soon after this episode, Roberts and her husband began experimenting with a Ouija board. This lead them to the identity of the entity that caused her black out, Seth.

It turns out that Seth was quite the motivational speaker and his teachings would later have a profound effect on new age thinkers. During a typical “session” with Seth, Roberts’ husband would transcribe the dialogue verbatim. The central focus of the Seth material was, “you create your own reality.”  This can be Briefly summarized as our beliefs generate emotions which trigger our memories and organize our associations. Eventually those beliefs become manifested in our physical lives and health.

Jane Roberts work changed the thinking of many and help to inspire a motivational way of viewing the world. Ultimately, whether you truly believe the story of Jane Roberts or not, it is one hell of a story.  Watch the only visual recording of Seth speaking through Roberts below.

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