Women’s Satin “Shattered Backboard” Air Jordan 1s Otw

When it comes to Air Jordan 1s, the “Shattered Backboard” Retro High OG Air Jordan 1s have ALWAYS been loved. The sneaker was originally inspired by Michael Jordan’s golden moment in 1985 when Michael Jordan took part in a preseason game for Nike in Italy, scored 30 points, and broke the backboard as he dunked the basketball.

When the sneaker first released on n June 27th of 2015 for $160, the kicks were an instant hit and have been sold as a dead-stock shoe ever since, being sold between $280 to $1,200 (depends on your connect of course) . Just like many Air Jordans, these were sold in men sizes but there comes a time when you just got to shake sh*t up. It was recently announced that the updated version of the classic ,the satin”Shattered Backboard” Air Jordan 1s would be releasing, in which tends to include the original silhouette, the orange detail in satin instead of the original leather, and will exclusively be dedicated to the feet of women who wear between the sizes of 5 and 12.

If you’re a fan of the original kick, a female, and you dig the satin update, now is your time to shine. The kicks will be hitting retail for $160 and (just another reminder) is exclusive to women. Even though the sneaker community is slowly welcoming women to be apart of their audience and even take part of the community,  it’s safe to say that there is progression being made especially within these last few months. You have Rihanna taking over Puma, you have Teyana Taylor for Reebok, Aleali May for Nike, and even Virgil made his All White” Jordan 1s available in unisex sizes back in March. It’s safe to say that these moves that they’ve been making and this release especially are all the right steps that are being taken to making women inclusive in the world of street wear and sneaker culture.


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