working out?

i know, you take one look at me and think…”whoa, pecs and abs of steel”. but no, i don’t work out and thanks for assuming (haha).

i’ve worked out here and there in my lifetime, but would lose interest and drive. see, the thing with me is that i get obsessed with (things) and find myself in the gym at 6am for a 2 hour workout. i’m just an “all or nothing” kind of gal. although, i know i should have some sort of routine and being a computer jock isn’t doing much for my figure. i also don’t like the idea committing to something and it being a lifelong situation. you know, relying on working out to keep me in shape. can’t i just be like a french woman who can eat baguettes and cheese and be waif-like?

do you guys work out? any advice, thoughts or stories? do the benefits of working out, out-weigh not working out? i googled “why should i work out”, but would love to know what ya’all think 🙂

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