Workout Goals: Finding the Right Gym Buddy

Reaching your 2020 fitness goals may be easier with the help of a gym buddy. They add a little fun to workouts and encourage you on the days you lack motivation. Having someone to work out with helps you to be consistent and reach your goals faster. However, gym buddies can ruin your fitness goals if they fail to hold you accountable. Here are some tips for picking the right gym partner.

First, don’t plan to workout with friends. This sounds counterproductive, but hear me out. Gym buddies are supposed to hold you accountable. Is your friend going to be hard on you, and tell you when you’re falling off? They know you’ve been planning to “get in the gym” for years, are they really going to take you seriously? They don’t think it’s a big deal that you didn’t make it to the gym this week, but its a big deal for you. You need to partner up with someone who takes your fitness goals seriously and won’t be easy on you. You and your friends likely have the same attitude about fitness, so if you’re lacking motivation one day, can you rely on them to motivate you? Probably not. Find someone who cares about fitness and is not afraid to yell at you.

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Second, don’t plan to work out with someone you live with. Gym buddies work best because you know someone is at the gym waiting for you. It makes it more difficult to miss a day because you know you’re letting someone down. If that person is in the house with you, you don’t get the extra motivation. Nothing rushes me out of the door more than that “on my way there” text from my gym partner.

Lastly, workout with someone who has their own fitness goals. You don’t want a gym buddy to turn into a burden. Partner up with someone who wants this as bad as you do. You won’t have to drag them along or worry about them pulling you down. Buddy up with someone who a) already goes to the gym, or b) is serious about getting started. If you have to invite the person to the gym, they may not be the best person to hold you accountable.

It is so convenient to count on friends to be your gym buddy. But, if you are serious about reaching your goals, partner up with someone who is dedicated to fitness and not afraid to push you when necessary. Good luck with your 2020 fitness goals!

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