With the release of Broward’s very own, Kodak Black, there’s been a resurgence of media attention on Florida.

Like Kodak, XXXTENTACION hails from Pompano Beach, which just may be a breeding ground for talent. His uniquely aggressive mosh-pit style is apparent in both his music and his aesthetic. His mug shot is, well, sketchy, to say the least – so naturally its the first image you’ll see when you look him up, it’s also associated with his Soundcloud, IG, and Twitter. His alleged criminal offenses and the mug shot itself all the more contribute to his elusiveness. It seems like the more questionable the character, the greater the popularity.




With Soundcloud becoming a petri dish for low key rappers to gain stardom, XXXTENTACION seems to be yet another youngin’ reaping the benefits of the platform – XXX is currently averaging at over 2.5 million plays on his songs, and he’s not even signed (just let that marinate for a bit).

He has a solid fan base because his sound is eclectic and often unpredictable. Most importantly, XXX will make you feel something; whether he’s drawing you down into the perils of his depression,  catapulting you into a mosh pit, or making you think about your ex – XXXTENTACION will make you feel as passionately as he does.

Check out his Soundcloud and prepare for his glow up, just watch.

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