#YeezyTaughtMe: Kanye teaches Quavo how to make beats

Kanye and Quavo making beats together? Pretty much a match made in music heaven. Quavo, harmonic trap extraordinaire, and Kanye West, iconic music tastemaker, have reportedly joined forces to create, what we predict to be, music gold. Kanye West is one of the oldest and greatest producers in Hip Hop history. As of late, we haven’t seen many beats produced by Kanye for other people, but we’ve seen him nurturing the talent of the younger generation. This is a priceless opportunity for Quavo. With the release of Culture II, January 26th, we saw Kanye credited as one of the producers for the highly anticipated album. He was said to have produced “BBO” featuring 21 Savage. During an interview with Real 92.3 in Los Angeles on the set of the “Stir Fry” video, Quavo revealed that him and West had been cooking up some beats. When asked about the experience, Quavo said, It’s crazy. He’s got a crazy, different feel. He’s got all his old shit that he had from like coming in making beats and he still use his original box and his original keyboards. He’s still got his old hard drives, and all his samples and all the beat. Just to see that he still cherish the old stuff that he came in with, know that he still respect the grind.”

Quavo says he produces on FL. Many times it seems like after mentorship from Kanye, one’s music journey propels to even higher heights. If it’s one thing that the music genius understands, it is nurturing the talents of others. We saw this with Teyana Taylor working her dance moves in “Fade,” Travis Scott for with the production of Yeezus and other projects, Virgil Abloh with creative direction, Desiigner with rap, and more. Chance the Rapper in UltraLight Beams says “I met Kanye West. I’m never going to fail.” We can only say the proof is in the pudding. 21 Grammys and  8 platinum albums, including Watch the Throne Collab with Jay-Z, we’re pretty much thinking that the College Drop-out should start a school for music thought. I know I’d enroll. We can’t wait to hear the product of the Yeezy-Huncho sessions.

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