Yes, We’re Going to Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles

Veganism is more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle, that Emmanuelle Rienda has taken seriously by creating the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week (VFW). Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet, the “EPA estimated that the generation of textiles in 2017 was 16.9 million tons.” This revolutionary event is returning to Los Angeles in April and has raised awareness about the impact fashion has had on the environment. 

Rienda developed a love for fashion and sustainability through her vegan journey. She discovered new materials to work with and supported fellow vegan designers to help curate the runways. Vegan designer Ran Enda is one of many brands to build a cruelty-free movement through her clothing. Developing a runway for VFW with flowy cream jumpsuits and dresses.

VFW 2020 will focus on “expansion,” collaborating with sustainable brands like Red Carpet Green Dress and Tencel to introduce luxury fashion label BENEDETTI life. Rienda says, “this collaboration is the symbol of the Future of Fashion where Sustainability meets Ethics.”

The two-day event is scheduled to have designer showrooms, an ethical fashion talk, and a collective fashion show. VFW describes the event as “an unforgettable experience that is transforming the fashion industry.” As climate change continues, brands across many different industries are exploring new ways to protect the planet. VFW is a step forward in challenging designers to be more resourceful. 

Vegan clothing is less about faux fur and more about new innovations in creating textiles. Rienda told Vogue “Vegan garments are already accessible in a lot of larger brands and houses. You just have to educate yourself on what is vegan and what isn’t. It’s about awareness, and that’s what we’re trying to explain.” Fast fashion has had a detrimental effect on the planet and VFW can set the standard for brands across the industry.

More luxury brands have hopped on board the fur-free train. Vogue, Elle, and several other outlets have created comprehensive lists of brands that have banned fur from their products. From Calvin Klein who banned fur in 1994 to Gucci who recently announced going fur-free. Organizations like Fur Free Alliance and Peta have strongly advocated for animal rights, it’s about time everyone else did too.

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