You can now enroll in FIT x Complex’s newly launched Sneaker Essentials


If you are a sneakerhead who wants to work in the industry, there are a lot of career paths available. There’s sales, marketing, buying and merchandising, design, product development, manufacturing and journalism to name a few. Some people use trade schools or college to help them gain skills and access to job placement programs to get started in these careers. Some have personal or family connections to help them land gigs. But since most fashion and design schools do not offer sneaker career programs, creating a path to success requires some creativity and grit. And the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Complex are aware of that. So they collaborated to launch an online certificate program called Sneaker Essentials.

Complex makes for an indisputable partner for this program because of its venerable community of sneaker culture experts and strong career development-oriented content. For example, its “Jobs Unlisted” video series goes behind-the-scenes of popular companies that have a competitive hiring process. Check out the video below on breaking into designing for Nike and Jordan brand.

The Sneaker Essentials program includes six courses (below) hosted on

  1. Introduction to History and Culture
  2. Design
  3. Manufacturing and Production
  4. Distribution and Retail
  5. Brand Strategy & Marketing
  6. Media

These courses are broken down into 45 on-demand video lessons. The broad coverage of the industry seems best suited for someone who is trying to figure out a career path or looking to make a transition into a new role. The confirmed lecturers include Jeron Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of Stephen Curry 30 Inc., Joe La Puma, SVP of Content Strategy at Complex Media and Nick DePaula, Creative Director of Nice Kicks.

Although it’s a completely digital curriculum, students will still need to formally apply through FIT admissions to be accepted. For those new to the industry, going through admissions will definitely allow them to connect with faculty members that can share any industry-specific job leads and job hunting tips.

For information about enrolling, follow @thisissneakerschool or visit

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