Young Thug Declares He’s “Really Jeffery” in XXL Cover Story Interview

Young Thug sat down with XXL magazine to shed some light on his career, his ambitions and his future plans for the rap game. After declaring 2016 as “The Year of the Thug” he has delivered some of his best work landing his first solo platinum record with “Best Friend” and began his domination of the fashion world modeling for Calvin Klein and serving as a mentor for the VFILES 7th Runway show alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Thug takes us back to the beginnings of his career with his mentorship from cover co-star, Gucci Mane, and sheds light on the transformation of his identity from thug to superstar. Read some interesting quotes from the interview below:

“The overall goal is modeling. I always was dressed. I used to shoot dice, gamble and everything just to buy clothes and shoes. It’s always been about fashion to me. I just know how to rap.”

We learn that Young Thug has always had plans to take fashion seriously. The rapper shares that staying well dressed has always been a priority for him which explains all of his offbeat fashion choices that have garnered a lot of attention. Thug has been photographed wearing everything from nail polish to dresses yet has managed to maintain his cool appeal.  With the growing amount of celebrities making their mark on the fashion world we won’t be surprised to hear that Thug has some fashion projects on the way.

“I feel like my place is where Future, Jeezy, Ludacris and Gucci were…they’re leaving now and I want to be all of them in one. That’s why I’m kind of weird. I want to be a thug. I want to talk about the trap. I want to talk about killing and be the best dressed. Each rapper had one of these things but I want to be all of them in one.”

Young Thug has lofty dreams of becoming the ultimate Atlanta rap star embodying all of the greats before him. This is no small task with all of the success that his predecessors have attained yet he seems confident that he will surpass the. Will Young Thug become the most prolific artists to come out of Atlanta? At this point there is no reason to believe that he won’t.

“I want to be to the point like Michael Jackson was. Where there are 50,000 people outside of his house. When he was 50 he became ‘Michael Jackson. When I’m 50 I’m going to be ‘Jeffery’.”

Thug tells XXL that he is not even half-way complete with his career goals and his final marker of success will be to reach Michael Jackson’s level of celebrity. It’s not the first time we’ve heard of a rapper striving to become like the pop king but with the momentum of his career thus far we can’t help to believe that he’ll make it there.

“I believe in magic. I believe in moods. I’m big on speaking things in existence.”

Thug shares some stories about him being able to speak things out loud into existence. He believes in the power of the spoken word and has managed to manifest himself into favorable situations including rolling through NYC in a Rolls Royce and putting a ring on every one of his fingers. The rapper uses this form of motivation to keep his life moving in a positive direction.

“I’m really Jeffery. I used to hate that name so much but now I understand the name. When I came into the rap game I was kind of Jeffery. I got out of my element because I started paying attention to what people thought of me. I stepped into a trap mode. I made cool trap music but those songs are not me. I’m really like Wyclef. That’s Jeffery. I feel like I’ve completed the course.”

The best part of this interview was finally gaining some clarity on Thug’s sudden image change which was accompanied with a name adjustment presented with his most recent project, No, My Name is Jeffery.  Thug has begun to reconcile his thug persona with the many other sides of himself and hopes to continue to make music in this manner. He refuses to allow public perception to limit his artistic interests and for this reason we believe he’ll strive. Thug’s audience has been growing with him and for his reason we think he’ll go far because of his honest and unpredictable nature.

There is so much to learn from this fearless artist. Watch the full interview above.

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