Your Favorite #ThrowbackThursday Outfits Are Making a Comeback

It has long been said that trends repeat themselves every few decades, and this decade has been no different. This decade brought us the revival of leggings, big earrings, and extra-long nails; each trend returning more glorious than its original appearance. The most remarkable return of all is that of a fashion trend. The celebs and fashion houses of this decade are not afraid to draw inspiration from the past. Here’s a few items that brought to the future.

Taking over for the 18-19….High Waisted Jeans.

It may seem like fashion nova made this trend popular, but they didn’t. High waisted jeans rose to fame in the 80’s because it was recommended to wear pants that adequately covered your lower half, not because of the daring fashion. These jeans have been resurrected because we now realize their secret ability to accentuate curves. They can stay.

(Photo by Pressphotobank/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)


Tracksuits, velour suits, or whatever you want to call them, were first showcased by track teams (surprise). They crossed over into pop culture when celebs began to sport them as casual outfits. Ever since, tracksuits have quietly appeared in the fashion sphere every few years. Lastly, most of the credit is due to Missy Elliot because we all bought an Adidas tracksuit after seeing the “Work It” video.

Denim on Denim

Denim was the backdrop of the 90’s. It felt like every character in a 90’s teen movie was wearing some piece of denim. The trend has never fully faded away, but this generation has found a way to redefine it: denim on denim. A full denim suit is not a new thing, but wearing two different shades of denim together is.


Cheers to a new decade full of old trends.


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