10 Black Owned Wineries To Support Right Now!

If you’re a wine lover like me and you want to support Black Owned Wineries, then this list will make you very happy. Who doesn’t love a little sip and support?!

In honor of National Rosé Day, let’s kick it off with my friends brand – La Fête Rosé. 

La Fête du Rosé is the first entirely Black-owned rose out of St. Tropez, France. Founder Donae Burston saw a void and created a brand for the multicultural demographic. For that reason, the company donates a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold to programs for underrepresented youth.  La Fête du Rosé is made up of 80% Grenache, 14% Mourvèdre and 6% Syrah, making for a beautiful pink color that is balanced and complex.” – Forbes.Com

In the wake of #BlackLivesMatter, the CEO has made this commitment…

And with a Strong Wine Enthusiast Score of 90 and a donation for a cause, you can’t go wrong!

1. B Stuyvesant Champagne

“M. Robinson has a zest for life and travels and hopes to bring a taste of home, spice and culture to the Champagne community.  She is one of the few African American women owning a Champagne brand. Her love for her hometown, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn, NY), inspired the name of her brand, Stuyvesant Champagne.”


2.CW Intercept Wines 

CW Intercept Wines is the brand of former Pro Football Player, Charles Woodson. He says, “My love of wine happened organically while being in Napa Valley during training camp while playing for the Oakland Raiders in the ’90s,”

3.  Domaine Curry Wine

This brand was created by Ayesha Curry and Sydel Curry (Steph Curry’s  Sister).  When speaking of how the brand came about, “Basically, Ayesha and I were looking for a business where we could work together,” admitted Sydel Curry. “We looked at a clothing business, sunglasses, and some other things. My Mom’s 50th Birthday made it all happen. Ayesha was in the middle of making a toast to my mom, Sonya, and said something about all the ‘bulls’ in the family, and she was talking about the women. We have great female members of our family and we have always like wine.”

4. Flo Wine

Started by Pro Football Player Marcus Johnson in Washington DC back in 2011.  “FLO” is an acronym for “For Love Of…” as an aspirational reminder. It was named in the Top 10 Wine List by USA Today!

5. Heritage Link Brands

On of their brands is House of Mandela, as in “The” Mandela. “The House of Mandela wines were launched in 2010 by Nelson Mandela’s daughter and granddaughter to tell the story of the Royal House of Mandela and the Thembu people. The most globally famous Thembu person was Nelson Mandela, whose father was a reigning nobleman from a junior branch of the Madiba clan of kings”.

6. Licataa

“Multi-platinum artist Raekwon the Chef has created a new standard in luxury with Licataa sparkling wine. Inspired by his love of Italian culture and cuisine, he sought out Cantine Ceci, a family-owned winery with 80 years of history to produce a rich, bold, sparkling red wine.”

7. LVE Wines

“Legend Vineyard Exclusives was a dream long in the making. As with his music, John searched for the right collaborator, a vineyard whose pursuit of the perfect blend and standards of excellence equaled his own. With roots deep in the Napa Valley and award-winning wines known for beautiful balance, finesse and power, Raymond Vineyards was the perfect match.”

8. Maison Noir Wines

“Maison Noir is a two-fold lifestyle project producing both a T-Shirt line and Oregon wines.  Founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, both ends of Maison Noir incorporate a trademark attitude and personal perspective on wine subculture.  The wines are unique and distinctive garage wines, initially created for some of the New York’s best restaurants for whom Mack was a sommelier and now available nationwide.  Maison Noir apparel is inspired by WINE LIFESTYLE/STREET CULTURE of the punk and hip-hop scenes while reminiscent of independent skateboard company apparel of the 1990s”.

9. McBride Sisters

“The McBride Sisters Wine Collection is a story of two sisters and their passion for wine. Though continents apart, Robin and Andréa were raised in the wine regions of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand; independently developing an appreciation for the craft of fine winemaking. Living across the world from one another, Robin and Andréa were unaware of the other for nearly half their lives. Despite the 7,000 miles that separated them, the sisters would eventually find their way to each other in 1999.”

10. Wade Cellars

Another athlete owned brand, but this time by Basketball Player Dwayne Wade – hence “Wade Cellars”. “For many years you have seen Dwyane Wade play the game he loves at the highest levels of achievement.  Now, Dwyane is able to share with you something personal and profound, his inaugural release from Wade Cellars.”




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