3 Black Trans Women DJ’s You Need To Know!

I have been honored with being featured for my DJ work on some great lists amongst really incredible women, but I don’t think many of those lists have ever included Black Trans Women who are killing the game! Since I have been obsessing over these 3 ladies, I thought I would share! Trust me when I say, you need to give a listen!

1.Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon, formerly known as Miss Honey Dijon, is an American DJ, producer, electronic musician, and fashion icon. Born in Chicago and is based in New York City and Berlin – She has performed at clubs, art fairs, galleries and fashion events worldwide. Honey Dijon is known for curating cross-genre sets and for not adhering to any particular genre. She has even has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and Dior for several years providing soundtracks for their runway presentations! 


BandCamp: https://honeydijon.bandcamp.com/




2. Juliana Huxtable

Huxtable was born on December 29, 1987 in Bryan-College Station, Texas. She describes her hometown as a typical “conservative Bible Belt town in Texas.” Born intersex, Huxtable began her transition after college. She notes that struggles with gender conformity and sex identity started earlier in life.

In 2010, Huxtable moved to New York to attend Bard College. She worked as legal assistant for the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program after college. Huxtable garnered  a massive following on Tumblr, posting long stream-of-consciousness poems and self-portraits that experimented with fashion and Nuwaubian imagery.  Soon after, Huxtable began DJ’ing and the rest is history!


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/julianahuxtable




2. Jasmine Infiniti

Born in the Bronx and now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jasmine Infiniti self-proclaims herself as “Queen of Hell herself”. Her West Oakland-based group, New World Dysorder, merges her East Coast style with the Bay Area LGBTQ Community. Her knowledge is as future as it is heritage, with a name that is a nod to ballroom roots (House of Infiniti).


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jasmineinfiniti

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