…and COCO was born.

i purchased my very own JUMBO CLASSIC CHANEL QUILTED BAG (gold straps and caviar leather, not lambskin – which the CHANEL lady explained was cheaper, less equisite and prone to scratches).

of course, it’s all about a discount…shout out to TIffany for the hookup!


i feel like i have accomplished all my superficial goals in life…i want nothing more. i have fulfilled my duties as “a woman in tune with her spirit but wanting to rebel against social caste systems and prove to upper class society that no one is below you while i wear my Chanel bag and raggetty jordan 3’s” (look, i’m from the hood, what do you want from me). i also just love the bag and think it’s very classic, something that can be handed down to vashtie junior 😉

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