WATCH: At Home with Vashtie – Vitamin Essentials

One thing that’s super vital to my health and beauty regimen is my daily vitamin intake. Preserving my body is important to me; after all, we only have one. This weeks installment of “At Home with Vashtie” is all about my vitamin essentials. Because they’re such a large part of my routine, to keep this video short, I’ve picked my top 4.

The 4 essentials that I’ve selected help with a variety of things, from hair and nail growth, to protecting your body against harmful damage, to replenishing the nutrients you may be missing out on in your regular diet.

Vitamins are a great start to leading a healthy life, and nurturing beauty from the inside, out. Hopefully this video will inspire you to start your own daily regimen. Information on where to purchase the vitamins I talk about, can be found in the description of the video.

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