STYLE: My Balmain x H&M Collection Picks! #HMBalmainNation (Lookbook)


So, if you burden your daily life with following my silly SNAPS (@VASHTIEKOLA) and now my experimental PERISCOPES (@VASHTIE) – you might have noticed that I attended the amazing and extensive show for BALMAIN x H&M. When I say extensive, I mean JUST that. The show took place over 2 massive levels and the models had to walk the entire perimeter for what seemed like forevs…they looked exhausted, but they still looked “ovah”!

Vashtie Kola, Luis Borges, Sara Sampaio

Vashtie Kola, Luis Borges, Sara Sampaio

Vashtie Kola, Ne-Yo

Vashtie Kola, Ne-Yo

Anyways, shoutout to Olivier Rousteing for an unbelievable collection. After the show took place, Backstreet Boys came out to surprise us with a performance. Me and my PR friend Alex Tsebelis decided to sneak out because we were exhausted…or mainly it was just me being tired and he had the job of seeing me off. Anyways, after we accidentally walked through the “off limits” backstage area, we found ourselves walking right into the pre-launch pop-up shop…way before everyone else arrived.

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola, Legendary Damon

Vashtie Kola, Legendary Damon

And, well…I ended up copping some things and doing a little shoot with it. Here are my thoughts on the key items I purchased (in a state of panic when I felt the mounting pressure of hearing “limited edition”/”Balmain” etc etc). Although the collection has way more than I picked up, here are the items that peeked my attention.

The collection goes on sale TODAY and in case you have the chance to shop it – here are the pieces I think you should grab…styled in a downtown/grunge vibe to balance these opulent styles. Just make sure grab your exact size. I’m a 2, but these styles are so perfectly structured that a couple of pounds over my normal weight and I would have to have needed a size 4.

Photographer: Matthew Kaplan
Creative: Kosta
Makeup & Hair: Tai Lotson
Assistant: Mieko Jones






If you can only afford one thing, I absolutely suggest these boots. Yes, they are less obvious as being a Balmain collaboration piece – but boy are they comfortable, easy to wear (take it from a girl who can’t wear heels) and can be styled








This piece is one of my absolute favorites. It’s second on my list as a “must have” after the thigh high boots. Can be worn as a dress or even as a great tailored blazer! This piece can also be worn many different ways and times without the stigma of “damn, you wearing that thing again?”






This dress fit like a glove. Luckily I’m an exact 2, because as I stated above – a couple of pounds or a little of bloat would have meant that I needed a size 4. This color and silhouette are great.




Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.26.01 AM


I watched this top walk its way down the runway and I was mesmerized. It has very classic Balmain-esque indications, roped fabric and gold ton embellishments. Not to mention, the sheer striping gives it a little sexual edge that can be dressed up or down.





If you are deciding between this dress and the emerald green, I say go black, It’s classic and you can style many more times than the other one.








This dress is the crown jewel and despite having been donned already by a slightly over exposed internet celebrity…this piece is a gem! Its not only gorgeous, but it’s superbly made. Yes, it’s H&M – but unlike other H&M pieces…this feels decadent and what I imagine a real Balmain to feel like. If you can get this, do it! But beware  –  it’s also not a piece that can be worn too often.


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