behind the scenes: SOPHIA FRESH – “WHAT IT IS”

last week i got to direct a video for a new and refreshing group called SOPHIA FRESH. you may have heard their song “WHAT IT IS” that features KANYE. it was their first video and they were very excited about it! although i had whooping cough on set, it was a fun shoot…

miss RADIO ROSE styled it! she couldn’t have done a better job! it was my first time working with her on set…prior to this she had DJ’ed a 1992 party and featured me as an “Around the Way Girl of the Week” on her BLOG.

*the fellas of DAY 26 were on set as the “love interests”…

*baby KAI…she’s only 9 months old!

*be on the lookout for these talented Texans!

(photos by ELLE CLAY)

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