CULTURE: “Used To Be With Vashtie At Santos.” What Does My Drake Shoutout Refer To?

*This post was originally posted in January 2018, when the song debuted – but, it felt like a good time to revisit. Also, yes I am still excited about my mention which is why I want to revisit it!

A couple days prior to the release of Migo’s highly anticipated album Culture II in 2018, a friend who worked on production mentioned via text that I was shouted out on the album. Finding it too good to be true, I didn’t inquire about it – although I was screaming on the inside and beyond anxious to know what it was. When the album dropped at midnight, I got a listen and was beyond honored at Drake’s nod to me, but more importantly… “Santos.”

What is Santos? The long story? It was a nightclub that served as a hangout for downtown’s finest and weirdest, tourists in the know, celebrities seeking thrills, starving artists on the brink – and all at once, and all under the same roof. In short, it was a nightclub that was the closest thing our generation has had to a Studio 54 type of energy – minus the disco, couture and quaaludes.

Just one search in this Vashtie.Com search bar and you’ll find many many many posts and images from a party that I did with Q-Tip from 2008-2009 (almost 2010). Every Friday night for almost 2 years, the line for entry was a madhouse and the club was always packed to the brim.

Also worth mentioning, this was a time when girls COULD NOT show up to the club in t-shirts and sneakers. Trust me, part of the reason why I started my parties was because I was not a heels/dress girl and I got denied entry to many-a-club because hoodies and Jordans didn’t fit their dress code. Thankfully, in 2020, we have more options…but back then, Santos was also a one-of-a-kind in that area. You could show up in whatever and no one hassled you…literally!

At the party I did with Q-Tip, it was common to see: Mick Jagger hanging out in the DJ booth, Diddy on the dance floor battling in the circle, Kid Cudi performing (then unknown), Ben Stiller and Tracy Morgan walking through, Busta Rhymes and Nas chilling in VIP, Fab 5 Freddy and Steve Nash randomly taking photos, etc…

The Drake reference  basically means that he has actually been down with cool/underground things, like my Santos Party – which goes as far back. as 2008. He goes on to mention “Tommy Campos”, who was apart of that downtown scene, who maybe introduced Drake to it all. Whatever the case, I’m thankful to have been mentioned!

Drake and Vashtie

It’s interesting to point out – that at the moment of the party happening, no one knew the legacy Drake would carry. I don’t even think his mixtape had come out and no one knew he was. But, none of that mattered at that party…because you were either there or you weren’t. It was one of those movements that was about the feeling, rather than “who was who”.

See Genius.Com for a video explaining the verse perfectly!

See below for just SOME of my favorite photos of the Open Party at Santos Party House…

Vincent Cassel

Harry McNally, Scott Williams & Nick Poe

DJ Clark Kent

Q-Tip, Mark Ronson & Theophilus London


DJ Premiere

Fab 5 Freddy & Steve Nash

Fab 5 Freddy & Steve Nash

Hollywood Holt & Promise

Chris Gibbs of Union, Erin McGee of MadeMe, Luke Meier of OAMC & Angelo Baque of Awake

Chike and Coodie

Guest, Suz P, Irene & Grace Ladoja

Kool Herc



Gabrielle Union

Pusha T

Deemhelow and Oscar

Consequence & Drake

It was always blazing hip hop and r&b

Mimi & Plain Pat


Q-Tip & Kid Capri

Tracy Morgan & Q-Tip

Lil’ Penny

Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air & Oscar Sanchez

Dave 1 of Chromeo & A-Trak

We threw an Obama Party for when he won the election!

Kid Cudi and Puff were there…

Mark Ronson and DJ Soul


Kunle Martins aka Earsnot


Pos & Q-Tip

Dee Twin

Bevy Smith, Liya Kebede and Kyle Hagler

Lupe Fiasco, Vashtie and Q-Tip


Santos Party House was originally Santas Party House, but I think there were copyright issues.

Rosie Perez & Q-Tip

Kid Cudi & Q-Tip

LL Cool J

Rich Medina, Q-Tip and Vashtie

Ebro, Amanda Seales and gang


A fuzzy image of Mick Jagger

Solange Knowles

Angie Martinez and Vashtie

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