directing: JUNIOR SANCHEZ feat. GOOD CHARLOTTE – “Elevator”

“fina-lee-ee-ee” like Ce Ce Peniston, the video i directed and starred in (yes, you read that right) last year in LAS VEGAS has officially been released!!! it was so much fun working with JUNIOR and the MADDEN BOYS!

side story of why i’m cast as JOEL MADDEN’S “love interest”…the casting director brought in a lot of ladies, but none of them fit the vision for the video. JOSH MADDEN made a suggestion that i be the girl that it would be a more of a fun collaboration/cameo and more realistic than the girl options we had. i was completely against the idea and we went down to the hotel lobby and approached every girl that fit the bill, but we couldn’t wrangle one! there was one last resort and she was so nervous that went to hotel bar and got wasted to calm her nerves, making it impossible to shoot her. so…i took one for the team and it was actually a lot of fun.

*seriously, it was the easiest to work with this dudes. JOEL was so patient and cool as a fan.


saturday morning we landed in the city of sin. we checked in to our nice rooms at the WYNN, had a brief production meeting and met my amazing DP BRANDON COX. after, tried to kick it at the pool…10 minutes later i was alerted that our location (the HARDWOOD SUITE at the PALMS) was available for scouting. so, we ran over there…

*i could marry this bed.


*it was 100 degrees out, but surprisingly not painful.

*yes, a basketball court in the two floor suite. there were also 3 queen sized beds behind doors
that pulled out on the court! there were so many rooms and crazy bathrooms in there, it was crazy!

*ANNA and AAHMEK taking a break.


*BENJI’s guitar solo.


*SAMANTHA brought her fly crew and her adorable little sister.

*party scene. it started to become hard to direct since everyone really started drinking while shooting.

*we’re starting a band and i’m playing the tambourine.

*the crews combine.

*ANNA the great.

*JOSH “J-O” MADDEN, stylist extraordinaire and all around cool guy.

*i couldn’t turn down a dare when ROB said we should smoke some cigars. i haven’t smoked a cigar since i was 5. yes, you heard me right. my crazy, drunk, west indian dad thought it would be funny if i smoked cigars…and also sipped Heinikens. anyways, cigars have a not so good taste, but somehow they are still fun to puff…

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