FITNESS: Vashtie’s Favorite At-Home Workout When It’s Too Cold For The Gym

For a lot of you who have been apart of my journey, you know that I reluctantly adopted exercise as apart of my daily routine a few years ago. I jokingly refer to cardio as “oppressive cardio” because sweating and getting your heart rate up on a daily basis seems like self-torture. Clearly, I’m not your average “let’s go, let’s get it in…yay, leg day and kettlebells!” fit girl, but I realize exercise is important for everyone.

During the winter months, I opt for an indoor/at-home workout which can usually be more challenging – but, a great and free way to burn more calories and work more muscles than on a machine. Here’s a link to my go-to workout.

WARNING: It will kick your glutes, but I guess Summer is on it’s way and we could all use a firmer and perkier booty!

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