FLASHBACK: Directing Jadakiss’ “Letter To Big” Video in 2009

It was all a dream. In 2009, I had the honor of directing a video for the Notorious soundtrack. Biggie has been a huge influence on my life and work and having the chance to direct a Jadakiss video for a song about him was monumental–and still is!

Today is also the birthday of Jadakiss, so this post seemed fitting.


It was my third time working with Jadakiss ( I first styled him for a BBC Lookbook in 2006 and then directed him in a Josh Exantus’ “Let’s Ride” Music Video). He was always super easy going and super hilarious.

This shoot couldn’t have gone smoother or more on time, in fact everything was ahead of schedule because Jadakiss came early. It’s something very unheard of in this business…being on schedule or the artist arriving on time.

Also on set was GROOVY LOU, who styled B.I.G. back in the day. They all made me feel like family.

Biggie chain by Complete Technique.

Jadakiss counting the spare change I had in my pocket.

This is the actual chair that Biggie Sat in.

Of course, everyone was so excited the actual chair was on set that we all had to take pictures in it!

Elle Clay

Aladdin (the finest Indian prince you’ve seen thus far)

At the end of the shoot, Groovy Lou handed me a bottle of Dom Perignon from 1995 and asked me to open it in honor of BIG and this video so we could toast in his memory. I was speechless and started to tear up. I popped the bottle and Harve Pierre toasted to BIG and to having me apart of it as a new director.

Jadakiss, Me and Styles P.

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