#GroceryGrooming: 5 Ways to Stay Beautified with Everyday Kitchen Items

These days are challenging for everyone. Not only are we worried about our health, wealth, work, families, friends and future – but, a lot of us are facing frustration that our beauty and grooming appointments have been put on indefinite hold. While its may seem that these concerns are superficial amongst the bigger concerns of the world, they are also valid to our existence…they add to our physical expression, give a soothing routine and also present a community for us. There’s a reason why men find peace at the barbershop and why women find support at the salon – it’s apart of our culture. Heck, my weekly colonic appointments became weekly therapy where my hydrocolon therapist would help me dump colon waste and also my feelings.

Since going to spas and salons are not possible these days, I did some digging on what I like to call #GROCERYGROOMING…ways to stay beautified with everyday ingredients found at your local grocer.

1. Sugar Waxing For Body & Facial Hair

I’ve been following YouTuber AbetweenE for a little while and I love her natural recipes and minimalist, creative approach to everything in sight. She made a couple of videos on perfecting a DIY sugar wax. I haven’t tried it yet, but since I have no idea when I can get another Brazilian Wax – I’ll be trying it very soon. Check the video before. trying it!


1/2 cup sugar (turbinado, demerara, granulated, powdered, or brown) no coconut sugar

2 tbsp (fresh or bottled) lemon juice, lime juice, calamansi, or citric acid

2 tbsp water arrowroot powder (or baby powder, cornstarch, rice flour, or tapioca flour)


2. 4 DIY Exfoliating Body Scrubs
This video is perfect for anyone who wants to create a spa like experience that will have their body free of dead skin and baby soft. Again, you probably already have a lot of these ingredients – which make it super easy!

3. Flaxseed Hair Gel
Maybe you’re counting your coins like a lot of us and spending on luxury items like hair product might not be in your budget…I present to you Flaxseed Gel. I have made it…it’s easy and it has given me the best curls and lots of hold. I highly suggest this!

4. At-Home Facial
If you don’t already give yourself facials, what are you waiting for? It’s such an affordable and therapeutic way to give back to yourself. If you don’t have a facial steamer; boil a pot of water, throw a towel over your head and stand over it to open your pores!

5. 3 Quick and Easy “Bad Hair Day” Natural Hair Styles
Lastly, here are some hair styles for natural hair when having a “bad hair day” – because for a lot of my homegirls who have weekly/bi-weekly salon appointments…they need some short-term solutions.

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