Hypnotize, but not by Biggie…

on my quest to unite mind, body and spirit (yeah, i said it) and open myself up more as an artist, i ventured to brooklyn to have a combination session of HYPNOSIS, CHAKRA BALANCING and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by Trudy Beers. it was my first experience in all three genres.

while the word hypnosis seems to conjure up images of a pocket watch dangling in the face of a zombie, this is not the case. hypnotherapy is actually very effective and leaves the person in a relaxed conscious state, while your subconscious is opened to positive reinforcement. it has changed a lot of lives…giving smokers a chance to quit, weight management to those who can’t control themselves, etc.

NLP is merely changing the ways in which we’ve learned negative thinking and using positive tools to empower you – if your mind can conceive it, your body can achieve it. wow, i sound like an Oprah episode…but, i’m telling you it’s very useful.

    *NLP basics. people who are visual tend to look to the upper right…and so on.

the Chakra balancing involves opening the chakras, or entry gates for the aura. this was the area i was least familiar with. there are 7 points in your body…

after submitting a super long questionnaire about my childhood, habits, learning and creative processes…i was defined as a visual and kinesthetic person (and less auditory), someone who learns from pictures and feels deeply. this helped Trudy understand why i was there. she dangled the crystal and it barely moved, signifying that my chakras were not balanced or open.

Trudy was very maternal and soothing. she explained to me that our sub-conscious doesn’t age past 10 years old (interesting). the session lasted 3 hours. 1.5 hours for discussing situations or experiences that may have been debilitating for me and where i see myself in the future. the next hour and a half was the hypnosis session, a deep relaxed state… addressing people and situations that may effect and block me.

i had to imagine myself at 10, my subconscious…and i almost laughed. i was this little thing with a messy ponytail, like i had slept in it for 3 days. i had scabs on my knees and my adult teeth hadn’t found their place next to each other yet. my subconscious is a ragged little tomboy, ha.

at the end of the session, she dangled the crystal over me and it was spinning in big circles…showing i was open.

when i woke up her little dog, who had barked at me meanly before the session, laid on top of me and licked my face. Trudy said, “see, when you came in she read your energy and now she can see it has changed”.

thanks little doggy, and thanks to Trudy!

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