INTERVIEW: Tea Hacic’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” With Vashtie (BULLETT TV)

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A little while ago, while Mercury was in stupid retrograde – I got asked by miss thing, Tea Hacic, to be interviewed on her amazing show EVERYTHING IS EMBARRASSING for BULLETT TV. You know I said yes, obvs…clearly there is a post for a reason. Check it out. Check her out. The show is hilarious and great!

WATCH THE EPISODE HERE, and make sure to check the site for more of Tea’s shenanigans!

Everything is Embarrassing with Va$htie from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.

Va$htie, AKA Downtown’s Sweetheart tells us how to throw a good party and meet boys IRL this week on Everything is Embarrassing!

Created by advice blogger Tea (Tumblr’s ‘Sugar Tits’) this series aims to solve your awkward dilemmas and fashion issues, so send yours to or tweet at @teahacic
Written, Directed by, Starring Tea Hacic-Vlahovic
Filmed, Edited by Yulia Zinshtein
Drawings by Myles Fairhead
Animations by Corbin Ordel
Guest Appearance by Va$htie

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